Annual Report

The Gilda’s Club Annual Report

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Our Organization

Gilda's Club Worldwide Mission

To develop strategies and lead activities that will enable our worldwide group of independent affiliates to become the premier emotional and social support community for people with cancer and their families and friends. To nurture affiliate network growth and serve as a unifying voice and catalyst to ensure program effectiveness, a quality brand image and the highest standard of operation wherever Gilda's Clubs exist.

Gilda's Legacy

Gilda's Club is named in honor of Saturday Night Live comedian Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989. Gilda dreamed that all people affected by cancer, as well as their families and friends, would have access to the same kind of emotional and social support that she received during her illness.

The Clubhouse Network

The first Gilda's Club opened its signature red door in New York City in 1995. Additional clubhouses have since opened in dozens of large cities, small cities, and several points in between. Gilda's Club has helped change the lives of tens of thousands of members, restoring a sense of control and enriching the entire family. Gilda's spirit lives on at every Gilda's Club.

Gilda's Club Worldwide

The headquarters organization for a network of 30 affiliates, Gilda's Club Worldwide works with communities around the world to start and sustain local clubhouses. Over the past 12 years, Gilda's Club Worldwide has built a solid reputation of care and accomplishment, as well as a distinguishing brand presence nationally.

Advocacy Role

Our long-term goal is to strengthen the global understanding that emotional and social support are as essential as medical care when cancer is in the family. Gilda's Club founder Joanna Bull is a frequent lecturer at cancer-related institutes and psycho-oncology meetings and conferences around the world, and has been an advisor to the National Cancer Legislation Advisory Committee.


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